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The American Bulldog is an active utility dog. Strong and power full, does this breed need  a consequent training and a job to do. This can be training for tracking, obedience, search-and-rescue or protection work.  Even if kept as a pure family pet the American Bulldog needs some kind  of exercise so you should at least do long walks or cycle-rides on a  dailey base the keep the dog satisfied and in good condition.

As this is a very powerfull breed often people in our society are often afraid of our dogs and so we have a high responsibilty towards our breed but also towards the society! Every American Bulldog should behave well trained in public so that it is a positive example for the breed and shows that our dogs are not a danger for others.

Especially breeders have a high responsibility to choose their breeding stock carefully as well as the puppy-buyers! So that well tempered dogs get responsible owners.


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